Equality, diversity and inclusion

At Dixons, we incorporate equality into our core objectives. 

We work to achieve our mission by establishing high-performing, non-faith academies which maximise attainment, value diversity, develop character, and build cultural capital.

For us, diversity and equality of opportunity is integral to our purpose and mission. Whilst we have made some progress, we recognise that there is still much for us to do and we plan to be even more ambitious.  Because of the impact we believe this work can have on our mission, we have taken the decision to elevate ED&I into our 2-5 year plan.

At Dixons, through our approach to professional growth, we are committed to building a culture of togetherness and belonging for all staff through the power of positive human connection.

Our ED&I strategy is designed to complement our work around professional growth and is organised around three pillars: Culture, Representation and Curriculum

At Dixons, everyone has the right to the same sense of belonging and human connection, no matter their background.  Being inclusive is not about treating everyone the same.  It isn’t about being blind to how someone looks, what they believe, or for that matter any of the multiple complex aspects of each and every member of Team Dixons which makes them who they are.

Being inclusive is about how leaders adapt to get the very best of the people around them, through creating an environment where everyone they lead feels empowered to do their best work as well as feeling that it is ‘safe’ to speak up without fear of embarrassment or retaliation.

At Dixons, we believe that 'culture eats strategy for breakfast', therefore continuing to develop a culture where all our staff feel included and psychologically safe is one of our key priorities.  As well as being the right thing to do, it is also one of the best opportunies we have to become an employer of choice and ensure we have the best talent to achieve our mission.