Dixons McMillan Academy


Dixons McMillan opened with 112 Year 7 students in September 2014 and today has just over 600 students on roll.

We are determined to provide our students and our families with the very best education possible so that they leave the academy as highly employable individuals, fully ready to lead happy and successful lives. This involves ensuring that our students are ready with highly developed literacy and numeracy skills, coupled with the ability to make a special contribution to the world in which we live and share. Our intensely values driven culture ensures that everyone in the Dixons McMillan family demonstrates resilience, integrity and courtesy each and every day.

At Dixons McMillan, teachers teach and students study. Our relentless focus on ensuring our provision is highly tailored for our students ensures that no students is left behind in a strong culture of genuine care. What we do is simple, but we do it extremely well.

Why you should choose to work at Dixons McMillan:

· Dixons McMillan is a place where everyone feels welcome and everyone can succeed.

· We put our staff and student wellbeing at the heart of everything they do. We believe if you look after your staff wellbeing then they will look after the children, and the results will follow.

· Everything happens in the school day to enable staff to have a better work / life harmony.

· There is a staff wellbeing team that is run by staff and they can feed back to the senior leadership team at any point.

Dixons McMillan Academy

PrincipalKat Lang


Trinity Road, Bradford BD5 0JD