Dixons Trinity Chapeltown


Dixons Trinity Chapeltown was our first school in Leeds and is closely linked with Dixons Trinity in Bradford. It opened as a primary in September 2017, and added its secondary phase a year later. It moved into permanent accommodation in early 2020.  

We promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that every student at Dixons Trinity achieves their full potential. We have extremely high expectations, and just as there are no shortcuts, there are no excuses. At Trinity, we all have a sentence that states the lasting impression we want to leave on the world. Our academy sentence is: “The academy ensured that all students succeeded at university, or a real alternative, thrived in a top job and had a great life.”

At Trinity, we enjoy what we do together because we remain positive and never give up; we are loyal and reliable; we are open-minded and treat all people fairly. 

Why you should choose to work at Dixons Trinity Chapeltown:

· “A trust I know I can trust”; everyone at Dixons Trinity Chapeltown has faith in Dixons.

· Everyone knows our what and why: absolute clarity on the systems and processes; the background work before you even start is in place so that you can hit the ground running when you arrive. The support is continuous to what the needs of the staff are. This empowers everyone to do better.

· The package of support and induction is strong when you join Team Dixons.

· We are really community focused. It is important to build on positive relationships with students as it helps nurture their education.

· We have a wonderful, diverse and vibrant community of students and families. It is challenging but because of that it is rewarding and you get job satisfaction every day.

· The model of leadership means different strengths help define different things. Everyone is always moving in the same direction, this helps everyone collaborate.

Dixons Trinity Chapeltown

Executive PrincipalJason Patterson


Leopold Street Chapeltown, Leeds LS7 4AW