Dixons Allerton Academy


At Dixons Allerton Academy our mission is for all students to leave the academy saying “At DAA, I developed good moral principles and achieved exceptional outcomes that allowed me to have ambitious life choices”

We will work tirelessly and do whatever it takes for our students to achieve this. We make no excuses for having incredibly high expectations. We work with families, students and each other to ensure all students leave prepared and equipped for their next stage in learning and life.

Our three academy values, Happiness, Industry and Responsibility permeate all we do. We are proud of our academy and welcome you to join us.

Why you should choose to work at Dixons Allerton:

· No one ever works in isolation: there is a real team ethic; everyone helps everyone.

· In primary, we have a play led approach based on research: wider curriculum is delivered in an exploratory and play based way. Children get to touch, feel and experience.

· There is a connected and collective feeling amongst staff, it is a close family network; informal but professional.

· You would join the team if you wanted to be part of the approach, have shared principles, and hold the same belief that at primary level play should be part of the child’s learning experience.

· Everything is done with a nurture led approach with the best interests of the child at heart.

· Our staff really care about and have strong links with the community.

· We aim to build strong moral principles in the children.

· The school is still on a journey and we need people who want to join us on the journey. We need people who want to make a difference.

· We are the centre of the community, we make a positive impact and need to always ensure we nurture those around us.

· The school often connects with the children through extra curricular.

Dixons Allerton Academy

PrincipalDanny Carr


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